Leaking Water Repairs

Copper Leak

Water leaks of any kind can be pinpointed and taken care of by the skilled plumbers at Drain Detectives. Providing Southeast Michigan with affordable plumbing services, and the highest quality craftsmanship. Should you be faced with a minor leak, or come upon a full out flooded area in your home or business call us immediately before any additional damage occurs.

A dripping faucet can end up costing you a great deal extra on your water bill. Even a few drops a minute can certainly add up if not handled promptly. Should you be faced with a burst pipe, leaky faucet, drain that is leaking, water heater leaking, frozen pipes, and anything in between, call us immediately and we will have somebody out as soon as possible.

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Water Heater Leaking?

Should you be faced with some flooding around your water heater, one of your lines may have sprung a leak. Water heater leaking is something that can occur from time to time. The last thing you’d want to do is waste the precious hot water in your home or business. Should your water heater be leaking, our technicians will be able to pinpoint the issue and will give you an informed decision on the next course of action. If the water is leaking heavily you can physically turn off the water supply to the water heater itself, until one of our skilled plumbers can arrive and assess the situation.

Water Heater Leak

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service Call (586) 296-0036 or (248) 645-2448

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