Sewer Cleaning & Repair

Occasionally the lines that drain from your home or business to the sewer system can become backed up, clogged with sludge, perhaps some roots have made their way through into some of the sewer drains. Drains and sewer pipes which have become obstructed can cause a number of issues, including contamination of groundwater and serious health hazards.  It is imperative that you keep them clean and unobstructed.

Water Jet & Sewer Snake

Drain Detectives only use the highest quality equipment in the industry. A Sewer snake is a more common tool used to clear out drains running to your sewer. Basically the sewer snake is an auger that break free items that are clogging up your system. Our water jet is a specialized device that can be used to clear out a blocked pipe. Water jetting is the method of scouring the inside of the piping with ultra high pressure water, ultimately blasting free any debris, roots, sludge, you name it. The water jet itself can cut through just about any material that comes in its path. These can be some of the affordable solutions we offer for your individual plumbing problem.  Contact us today to have one of highly skilled plumbers inspect your sewer drains.

Drain Break

Sewer & Drain Services

Hydro Jetting Benefits

In case you need a sewer line replacement, sewer repair, or a new installation of a sewer pipe, we are guaranteed to have an affordable solution for you.  Some of these tasks can be quite costly, the professionals at Drain Detectives will work closely with each customer to develop the best plan for each unique job. There is no doubt you will get the very best price, and the highest quality craftsmanship you could expect from any plumbing company.

Digging up sewer lines can be quite a mess, rest easy knowing that our skilled team will leave your property looking as best as possible. Sometimes there is no other option other than to dig up the sewer line. Drain Detectives have a wide range of excavating or digging equipment to tackle any job in Southeast Michigan. Safety always comes first with our skilled team of plumbing professionals.

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