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Drain Detectives offers a wide range of plumbing services and have skilled technicians ready for you.   Should you be looking for the best plumbers in Michigan, you have come to the right place. We utilize the latest plumbing technologies available today.  When you hire Drain Detectives, you can rest easy knowing that your job will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Providing Southeast Michigan with affordable plumbing services is one of the driving forces behind Drain Detectives. Not only do we try to provide the best prices, but always evolve and perform the highest quality service in our field.  Contact us today to get started!

Listed below are some of the popular jobs that the professionals at Drain Detectives have handled in the past.

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Your faucets in your home are one of the most commonly used items. Whether you are washing your hands, or washing some dishes your faucets get used regularly. Our skilled plumbers can perform a faucet repair, or replacement in your home or business quite easily!


One thing we all certainly enjoy the luxury of is a warm shower. Hot water has become part of everyday life in America. Not only is it nice to have a warm shower but hot water is vital to many aspects of your home or business. Whether you’re washing your laundry, or soaking a dish in the sink, access to hot water certainly makes every day life much easier.


Many of the convenient items in our home can fail, but typically aren’t the first things on our minds every morning. When you have a broken garbage disposal it can be quite aggravating.  Our skilled plumbers can handle any garbage disposal issue quickly and easily.  You can count on Drain Detectives for any of your garbage disposal needs.


Many reasons can contribute to a sump pump failure, simply having a power outage and not having a proper backup system for your sump pump can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Our technicians have worked on thousands of sump pumps and are ready for any emergency plumbing problems that you could have.


Even a slow leak should not be ignored. You would be surprised how much water is wasted by ignoring even a minor leak in a faucet. This can translate to higher water bills every month. Many times a simple leak can be a quick fix for our skilled plumbers, yet occasionally take a bit extra care. Our technicians have a great deal of experience in repairing a water leak in your home or business.


Using modern technology the professionals at Drain Detectives can handle any drain problems that you could have.  Using a modern jetting machine we can blast extreme high pressure water through the sewer lines and blast them free of roots, buildup and debris. Sometimes this can be an affordable answer to a plumbing problem.


Many times the plumbing issue is contained within the pipework that is run through your home or business, rather than a serious sewer drain problem. Whether the shower drain isn’t working like it used to, or a sink is taking longer than usual to empty, our plumbers can provide an affordable solutions for your unique needs. Drain cleaning is one of the more common tasks that our technicians can handle. We have all the modern equipment that would be needed for any plumbing job that you present us with.


Pex pipe is a modern alternative to the traditional copper piping. One estimate claims that residential use for pex to deliver drinking water has increased 40% annually. Many argue that pex is the pipe of the future and will become the most popular material to use in your home or business. Pex tubing is much more flexible than traditional pipes and can easily handle a slight curve. For those sharp turns and corners there are pex fittings for any requirement, using common elbow joints.


Should you be interested in running new plumbing in a new home, or replacing some old water pipes in an aging home we are guaranteed to have a solution for you. If you own an older home in need of a complete overhaul including new water pipe installation our skilled plumbers are ready for you. Residential & Commercial plumbing needs in Southeast Michigan are only a phone call away. Contact us now with any questions you might have.


Gas powers many of the important items in our homes and businesses. Drying your clothes, heating your home/business, hot water heater, and many other luxuries are due to the fact we have access to some sort of gas to supply heat.  Should you need a gas line for an outdoor bbq or a new line ran inside your home or business our plumbers are highly trained and will always perform each job to the highest of standards.

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